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Byron Center Driveway Repair Provided for Avid Golfer

Recently, Advanced Sealing & Paving did repairs for a customer in Byron Center. The customer was a golfing enthusiast who had slowly ruined part of his driveway by always walking back and forth wearing his golf cleats. The driveway was getting so bad that his wife told him to get it fixed immediately or there would be no more playing golf. He called us for a quick driveway repair in Byron Center. We gave him an estimate that he was thoroughly impressed by, and he hired us for the job.

The Advanced Sealing & Paving experts arrived at the home and started our asphalt patching services. Once the hot asphalt was packed into place and the potholes and cracks were repaired the crew applied a layer of sealcoating. This would provide a smooth, sturdy driveway for the customer. When the crew had the driveway fixed and repaired the customer’s wife came out to thank us. She said that she was very happy that the driveway was fixed and looking great once again. Her husband said that Advanced Sealing & Paving did an excellent driveway repair that Byron Center residents would appreciate. The customer’s wife told her husband that even though Advanced Sealing & Paving did a wonderful job at an affordable price she didn’t want to see him walking on the driveway with his golf cleats again. She said she didn’t want the driveway to be destroyed again because now they have a driveway that they can be proud of, thanks to Advanced Sealing & Paving.

Grand Rapids Driveway Repair Project Creates Safe Environment for Front Yard

A Grand Rapids electrician wanted to have a safe driveway at his home because his first child was getting old enough to play outside. He called Advanced Sealing & Paving for the Grand Rapids driveway repair. The Advanced Sealing & Paving specialists met with the homeowner so we could inspect his driveway, then give him an estimate for the driveway repairs. We looked over the driveway thoroughly and the driveway appeared to have one huge pothole that needed to be patched and several cracks that needed sealed. We gave the homeowner the estimate, and after one look he hired us on the spot.

The Advanced Sealing & Paving crew arrived at the property to start the repairs. We were able to perform patching and crack sealing, which provided safety for his child. As we were finishing up the customer requested sealcoating, and we said we could do that for him with no problem, so the crew started applying the sealcoating to the driveway. When the crew was finished the driveway looked brand new. We let the customer know that the driveway will benefit with the sealcoating as it would provide durability, strength, and a nice smooth surface along with curb appeal. The customer said that Advanced Sealing & Paving did outstanding driveway repairs that all Grand Rapid homeowners would appreciate. The customer not only has a safe driveway for his child, but for him and his wife and their cars. He can now drive in his driveway without swerving to avoid the pothole that was there, thanks to our driveway repairs.

Hunting Lodge Builder Depend on us as their Asphalt Contractor in Muskegon

Recently, Advanced Sealing and Paving was contacted by a Muskegon resident. The resident wanted to extend his driveway out to a larger structure that he had set up as a lodge for guests and hunting. He asked his friends and family members who to contact, because it had been awhile since he had any asphalt work done and Advanced Sealing and Paving was who everyone recommended. He called us here at Advanced Sealing and Paving to see if we could serve as his Muskegon asphalt contractor. We were happy to oblige!

We met with the homeowner and he showed us what he explained to us over the phone. We gave him the estimate for his driveway extension, which he was impressed by. We were scheduled to return a week later and our team arrived on time as scheduled. Our crew started the new driveway construction. At the end of each day the crew cleaned up the area, then returned the following morning. We did this so that we could get the project completed on time for the customer. When the crew finished the customer was standing by watching. The customer said that he was very impressed with each of the crewmembers professionalism and knowledge in the asphalt industry. The customer said that he was thankful that he called Advanced Sealing and Paving for his personal parking lot maintenance provider in East Grand Rapids, because we did an outstanding job and the price was within his budget.

Coopersville Asphalt Paving for Area Dentist

A Coopersville dentist wanted to get his driveway repaved so he called the best company for asphalt paving Coopersville had to offer, Advanced Sealing and Paving. The dentist wanted his driveway repaved because he was tired of hearing his wife complain that the landscaping and home looked great, but the driveway looked terrible. The Advanced Sealing and Paving crew went out to the residence to see what kind of shape the driveway was in.

The Advanced Sealing and Paving crew inspected the driveway and it wasn’t in bad shape. It did have some cracks, but the base of the driveway was great. Our crew gave the customer a bid and he was happy with it and asked us to get started immediately because he just wanted to make his wife happy. The Advanced Sealing and Paving crew arrived two days later and started the paving process. The crew cleaned the driveway thoroughly, then they made minor repairs before they repaved the driveway. By the following afternoon the driveway was repaved and the wife came out and said she was so happy that it was done. Her husband came home from work as our crew was cleaning up and thanked us for doing such a great job. Now that his driveway is fixed he is smiling more at his office and in general because he got a great deal on excellent services performed by Advanced Sealing and Paving. He said his wife is ecstatic now that the driveway looks great!

Newlyweds Also Love Their New Driveway in East Grand Rapids!

A newlywed couple just moved into a new house they had purchased after their wedding. They had gotten a bit of a deal on the property, because they bought it with a busted up cement driveway, which they agreed would be left “as-is.” They chose to get their new driveway in East Grand Rapids installed by experts in strong durable surfaces, which was Asphalt Sealing & Paving.

Our professional team met with the couple and looked over the busted up cement driveway. We gave the couple an affordable estimate for their new driveway. The couple agreed and scheduled us to start on a Wednesday when the wife would be home. The Advanced Sealing & Paving team arrived at the East Grand Rapids home and the team started removing the cement driveway. It took the team most of the day to completely remove the current driveway, then our team arrived the next day to start prepping the area for the new asphalt. We worked continuously every day until the driveway was successfully installed for the new homeowners. The homeowners looked over the driveway and they did not regret their decision in hiring Advanced Sealing & Paving, because the blacktop is much stronger and more appealing to the eyes. One of their neighbors that watched our team work came to tell the couple that they had the best new driveway on the East Grand Rapids block. He said everyone will be envious of the appearance that their driveway possesses.

Driveway Repair in Cutlerville Patches Up Trusty Work Surface

Advanced Sealing & Paving was contacted recently by a Cutlerville mechanic. The mechanic was doing some side work at his home to make some extra money. The heavy work that he was doing on and off his driveway surface caused cracks and chipping that he strongly disliked. He always thrived on keeping his home and property looking nice and didn’t want his driveway to look bad. He called Advanced Sealing & Paving for their excellent Cutlerville driveway repair services.

The Advanced Sealing & Paving crew arrived at the mechanic’s home and looked at the cracks and chips. We let the customer know that we could do the driveway repair for him at an affordable price. The customer was happy to hear this news and asked us to start immediately. Our crew returned the following morning and started filling the cracks, then they repaired the chips. The project was fast and easy and only took about a day. The customer was so happy that the driveway was back in great shape. He said he was glad he called the driveway repair experts in Cutlerville, Advanced Sealing & Paving. The customer gave us some great feedback. He said that not only did we come out quickly, but our crew provided amazing driveway repairs in an extremely professional manner. The customer said that he plans on doing side work at his home, and knows who to call if he needs maintenance or repairs on his asphalt again in the future.

Douglas Asphalt Driveway for Collector

A car collector had just gotten a new, three-car garage built out and needed a high quality asphalt driveway in Douglas. He called Advanced Sealing & Paving to see if we could provide him with the asphalt driveway for his three car garage addition. The Advanced Sealing & Paving experts arrived at the Douglas home to evaluate the space and give the homeowner an honest estimate. The team went through and measured the area, then gave the homeowner the bid. The homeowner agreed to the bid and asked if we could start on Monday morning.

The Advanced Sealing & Paving crew arrived at the property on time as scheduled. The crew started prepping the area for the new asphalt. The crew made sure the drainage was applied, because this is an important step in installing any new asphalt driveway. Once the drainage was applied the team started the laying the asphalt. Within just four days the asphalt driveway was created for the big garage. We let the homeowner know that we had completed the project for him. We were able to install an excellent driveway that would show off any vehicle parked in front whether it would be for display or for a simple wash. The homeowner and his wife were very pleased with the work that our team had provided for them, and they both agreed that Asphalt Sealing & Paving provided the best asphalt driveway Douglas car collectors would appreciate.

Cutlerville Driveway Repair Keeps the Mess Out of the House

Advanced Sealing & Paving received a call from a hunter in Cutlerville. The hunter had been doing quite a bit of hunting the past several weeks, and was tracking lots of mud onto his driveway and inside his home, because of his hunting trips. His wife was getting furious with all the mud tracking. She would clean up the entryway, then go out and try to sweep the driveway, but one day she told him he was going to do the cleaning of the driveway. It wasn’t until he hosed off his driveway that he realized there were several potholes and crumbling pieces in his driveway, and knew immediately that he needed to call the best Cutlerville driveway repair company, Advanced Sealing & Paving.

The Advanced Sealing & Paving crew arrived at the home to do the driveway repairs. Our crew did asphalt patching to repair the cracks, potholes, and crumbled asphalt areas. It didn’t take the crew much time to do the repairs. The couple was pleased that they called the driveway repair Cutlerville specialists, because Advanced Sealing & Paving came out quickly, and fixed it with ease. The wife said she only wished Advanced Sealing & Paving could do something about her husband tracking in the mud into her house too. She laughed that if they could fix her husband as well as they repaired the driveway, then she would be thrilled when he returned home from hunting. Advanced Sealing & Paving is the driveway repair experts, but unfortunately can’t stop her husband’s mud tracking.

The Driveway Paving Beechwood Welders Can Always Trust

A Beechwood welder contacted Advanced Sealing & Paving to discuss driveway paving. The welder wanted to extend his driveway, so he could do some ironwork outside. He set up a small workbench on the side of his house, but he was afraid that the sparks may ignite accidentally, and he didn’t want to risk a spark causing a house fire. He decided to contact Advanced Sealing & Paving for quality driveway paving in Beechwood.

The professional team at Advanced Sealing & Paving arrived at the home to meet with the customer, and he showed the team where he would like to have the driveway extended to. We went over measurements, and gave him an estimate for the driveway paving, which he was happy with the price, and told the team to start immediately. We returned the following morning, and the team prepped the area for the extension, then started the paving process. The next morning the team returned to just make sure the project was done to perfection. The customer was standing outside looking at the driveway, and he said it was exactly what he needed. He said now he could take on additional ironwork, and not only make extra money, but would have a safe place to do what he loved to do in his spare time. The customer said that he is sure happy he found the driveway paving Beechwood homeowners could trust for all their paving needs.

Building Comminity through Cutlerville Driveway Paving

We received a call from a Cutlerville hobbyist. The man explained that his current driveway was made of gravel, which was a problem because he was starting to raise egg hens. They were laying so many eggs that he wanted to start delivering the eggs to his neighbors. The only problem with delivering the eggs was his gravel driveway. The driveway was so bumpy that the man feared that the eggs would crack and break in his car, and not only did he not want the mess, but he didn’t want the eggs to go to waste when his neighbors loved his home raised eggs. The hobbyists contacted Advanced Sealing and Paving, because they knew this company provided the driveway paving Cutlerville could rely on for smooth rides and solid construction.

Advanced Sealing and Paving looked over the bumpy gravel driveway, and let the man know that we could pave the driveway and make it smooth for him. We are the paving experts. The asphalt team showed up and started prepping the driveway, then began the paving process until completion. Advanced Sealing and Paving took care of the driveway, and now he can pull out with ease. Now he has absolutely no fear of his eggs breaking and cracking. His neighbors are also glad that he got his driveway paved, because all of his neighbors love receiving the fresh eggs that their enthusiastic neighbor delivers to them.