Newlyweds Also Love Their New Driveway in East Grand Rapids!

A newlywed couple just moved into a new house they had purchased after their wedding. They had gotten a bit of a deal on the property, because they bought it with a busted up cement driveway, which they agreed would be left “as-is.” They chose to get their new driveway in East Grand Rapids installed by experts in strong durable surfaces, which was Asphalt Sealing & Paving.

Our professional team met with the couple and looked over the busted up cement driveway. We gave the couple an affordable estimate for their new driveway. The couple agreed and scheduled us to start on a Wednesday when the wife would be home. The Advanced Sealing & Paving team arrived at the East Grand Rapids home and the team started removing the cement driveway. It took the team most of the day to completely remove the current driveway, then our team arrived the next day to start prepping the area for the new asphalt. We worked continuously every day until the driveway was successfully installed for the new homeowners. The homeowners looked over the driveway and they did not regret their decision in hiring Advanced Sealing & Paving, because the blacktop is much stronger and more appealing to the eyes. One of their neighbors that watched our team work came to tell the couple that they had the best new driveway on the East Grand Rapids block. He said everyone will be envious of the appearance that their driveway possesses.