Hunting Lodge Builder Depend on us as their Asphalt Contractor in Muskegon

Recently, Advanced Sealing and Paving was contacted by a Muskegon resident. The resident wanted to extend his driveway out to a larger structure that he had set up as a lodge for guests and hunting. He asked his friends and family members who to contact, because it had been awhile since he had any asphalt work done and Advanced Sealing and Paving was who everyone recommended. He called us here at Advanced Sealing and Paving to see if we could serve as his Muskegon asphalt contractor. We were happy to oblige!

We met with the homeowner and he showed us what he explained to us over the phone. We gave him the estimate for his driveway extension, which he was impressed by. We were scheduled to return a week later and our team arrived on time as scheduled. Our crew started the new driveway construction. At the end of each day the crew cleaned up the area, then returned the following morning. We did this so that we could get the project completed on time for the customer. When the crew finished the customer was standing by watching. The customer said that he was very impressed with each of the crewmembers professionalism and knowledge in the asphalt industry. The customer said that he was thankful that he called Advanced Sealing and Paving for his personal parking lot maintenance provider in East Grand Rapids, because we did an outstanding job and the price was within his budget.