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Residents and businesses in Zeeland, MI who are in need of a top paving company have come to the right place on the web!  Advanced Sealing has been offering paving services to the Zeeland area since 1974.  We’re a reliable company that believes in providing the customer with a positive experience.  Our prices are great and the quality of our work is outstanding.  We take great pride in these things, and our customers are glad that we do.  We will come right to your home or business to discuss your paving options, and we will offer a free estimate too.

Stop Thinking about Your New Asphalt Driveway in Zeeland

Instead of thinking about it, it’s time to take action.  A new driveway will make your home look nicer and it can help with the home’s value.  Advanced Sealing is ready to provide you with a beautiful driveway that will make you proud.

The driveway services we offer include

  • crack filling,
  • driveway resurfacing,
  • asphalt patching,
  • seal coating,
  • driveway removal and replacement,
  • and new driveway construction.

It’s Time to Repair and Maintain Your Parking Lot Properly

A well-maintained parking lot is safe and inviting, and that’s just what you need.  We offer parking lot repair and maintenance service to places such as churches, schools, apartment complexes and local businesses.  Our repair services include asphalt patching, crack filling, pothole filling, surface leveling, seal coating and asphalt resurfacing.  Because maintenance is so important in prolonging the life of your surface, we also have maintenance programs.  Some of the services include sweeping, seal coating, crack filling and sealing, and striping.

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We have comprehensive, cost effective solutions, great service and some of the best quality work you will ever see!

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