The Driveway Paving Beechwood Welders Can Always Trust

A Beechwood welder contacted Advanced Sealing & Paving to discuss driveway paving. The welder wanted to extend his driveway, so he could do some ironwork outside. He set up a small workbench on the side of his house, but he was afraid that the sparks may ignite accidentally, and he didn’t want to risk a spark causing a house fire. He decided to contact Advanced Sealing & Paving for quality driveway paving in Beechwood.

The professional team at Advanced Sealing & Paving arrived at the home to meet with the customer, and he showed the team where he would like to have the driveway extended to. We went over measurements, and gave him an estimate for the driveway paving, which he was happy with the price, and told the team to start immediately. We returned the following morning, and the team prepped the area for the extension, then started the paving process. The next morning the team returned to just make sure the project was done to perfection. The customer was standing outside looking at the driveway, and he said it was exactly what he needed. He said now he could take on additional ironwork, and not only make extra money, but would have a safe place to do what he loved to do in his spare time. The customer said that he is sure happy he found the driveway paving Beechwood homeowners could trust for all their paving needs.