Grand Rapids Driveway Repair Project Creates Safe Environment for Front Yard

A Grand Rapids electrician wanted to have a safe driveway at his home because his first child was getting old enough to play outside. He called Advanced Sealing & Paving for the Grand Rapids driveway repair. The Advanced Sealing & Paving specialists met with the homeowner so we could inspect his driveway, then give him an estimate for the driveway repairs. We looked over the driveway thoroughly and the driveway appeared to have one huge pothole that needed to be patched and several cracks that needed sealed. We gave the homeowner the estimate, and after one look he hired us on the spot.

The Advanced Sealing & Paving crew arrived at the property to start the repairs. We were able to perform patching and crack sealing, which provided safety for his child. As we were finishing up the customer requested sealcoating, and we said we could do that for him with no problem, so the crew started applying the sealcoating to the driveway. When the crew was finished the driveway looked brand new. We let the customer know that the driveway will benefit with the sealcoating as it would provide durability, strength, and a nice smooth surface along with curb appeal. The customer said that Advanced Sealing & Paving did outstanding driveway repairs that all Grand Rapid homeowners would appreciate. The customer not only has a safe driveway for his child, but for him and his wife and their cars. He can now drive in his driveway without swerving to avoid the pothole that was there, thanks to our driveway repairs.