Driveway Repair in Cutlerville Patches Up Trusty Work Surface

Advanced Sealing & Paving was contacted recently by a Cutlerville mechanic. The mechanic was doing some side work at his home to make some extra money. The heavy work that he was doing on and off his driveway surface caused cracks and chipping that he strongly disliked. He always thrived on keeping his home and property looking nice and didn’t want his driveway to look bad. He called Advanced Sealing & Paving for their excellent Cutlerville driveway repair services.

The Advanced Sealing & Paving crew arrived at the mechanic’s home and looked at the cracks and chips. We let the customer know that we could do the driveway repair for him at an affordable price. The customer was happy to hear this news and asked us to start immediately. Our crew returned the following morning and started filling the cracks, then they repaired the chips. The project was fast and easy and only took about a day. The customer was so happy that the driveway was back in great shape. He said he was glad he called the driveway repair experts in Cutlerville, Advanced Sealing & Paving. The customer gave us some great feedback. He said that not only did we come out quickly, but our crew provided amazing driveway repairs in an extremely professional manner. The customer said that he plans on doing side work at his home, and knows who to call if he needs maintenance or repairs on his asphalt again in the future.