Douglas Asphalt Driveway for Collector

A car collector had just gotten a new, three-car garage built out and needed a high quality asphalt driveway in Douglas. He called Advanced Sealing & Paving to see if we could provide him with the asphalt driveway for his three car garage addition. The Advanced Sealing & Paving experts arrived at the Douglas home to evaluate the space and give the homeowner an honest estimate. The team went through and measured the area, then gave the homeowner the bid. The homeowner agreed to the bid and asked if we could start on Monday morning.

The Advanced Sealing & Paving crew arrived at the property on time as scheduled. The crew started prepping the area for the new asphalt. The crew made sure the drainage was applied, because this is an important step in installing any new asphalt driveway. Once the drainage was applied the team started the laying the asphalt. Within just four days the asphalt driveway was created for the big garage. We let the homeowner know that we had completed the project for him. We were able to install an excellent driveway that would show off any vehicle parked in front whether it would be for display or for a simple wash. The homeowner and his wife were very pleased with the work that our team had provided for them, and they both agreed that Asphalt Sealing & Paving provided the best asphalt driveway Douglas car collectors would appreciate.