Byron Center Driveway Repair Provided for Avid Golfer

Recently, Advanced Sealing & Paving did repairs for a customer in Byron Center. The customer was a golfing enthusiast who had slowly ruined part of his driveway by always walking back and forth wearing his golf cleats. The driveway was getting so bad that his wife told him to get it fixed immediately or there would be no more playing golf. He called us for a quick driveway repair in Byron Center. We gave him an estimate that he was thoroughly impressed by, and he hired us for the job.

The Advanced Sealing & Paving experts arrived at the home and started our asphalt patching services. Once the hot asphalt was packed into place and the potholes and cracks were repaired the crew applied a layer of sealcoating. This would provide a smooth, sturdy driveway for the customer. When the crew had the driveway fixed and repaired the customer’s wife came out to thank us. She said that she was very happy that the driveway was fixed and looking great once again. Her husband said that Advanced Sealing & Paving did an excellent driveway repair that Byron Center residents would appreciate. The customer’s wife told her husband that even though Advanced Sealing & Paving did a wonderful job at an affordable price she didn’t want to see him walking on the driveway with his golf cleats again. She said she didn’t want the driveway to be destroyed again because now they have a driveway that they can be proud of, thanks to Advanced Sealing & Paving.