Cutlerville Driveway Repair Keeps the Mess Out of the House

Advanced Sealing & Paving received a call from a hunter in Cutlerville. The hunter had been doing quite a bit of hunting the past several weeks, and was tracking lots of mud onto his driveway and inside his home, because of his hunting trips. His wife was getting furious with all the mud tracking. She would clean up the entryway, then go out and try to sweep the driveway, but one day she told him he was going to do the cleaning of the driveway. It wasn’t until he hosed off his driveway that he realized there were several potholes and crumbling pieces in his driveway, and knew immediately that he needed to call the best Cutlerville driveway repair company, Advanced Sealing & Paving.

The Advanced Sealing & Paving crew arrived at the home to do the driveway repairs. Our crew did asphalt patching to repair the cracks, potholes, and crumbled asphalt areas. It didn’t take the crew much time to do the repairs. The couple was pleased that they called the driveway repair Cutlerville specialists, because Advanced Sealing & Paving came out quickly, and fixed it with ease. The wife said she only wished Advanced Sealing & Paving could do something about her husband tracking in the mud into her house too. She laughed that if they could fix her husband as well as they repaired the driveway, then she would be thrilled when he returned home from hunting. Advanced Sealing & Paving is the driveway repair experts, but unfortunately can’t stop her husband’s mud tracking.