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Holland Asphalt Paving Brings Out The Fun for Everyone

Recently, we received a call from a Holland music promoter. He was wanting to use a public parking lot for a country music concert, and the city loved the idea because it would increase local revenue. The only concern with the city officials was that the parking lot had to have some repairs done to it before the concert could take place, because the city officials didn’t want any guests coming to the concert to have an accident on the parking lot. The city told the promoter that if he could get the parking lot repairs done at an affordable price, and done before the concert date, then they would agree to pay for the repairs. He then called the experts in service for asphalt paving Holland always uses, Advanced Sealing & Paving.

The Advanced Sealing & Paving crew inspected the parking lot, and knew we could have the repairs done before the concert. The crew started filling the cracks and potholes, then applied asphalt patching Holland officials would appreciate. Thanks to Advanced Sealing & Paving the parking lot was repaired and ready for the venue. The country music show was a bigger success than the city expected. it was a great attraction that local businesses appreciated. Of course, the music was totally off the charts and a grand time was had by everyone that attended. The city and the promoter are considering making it an annual event, and thanks to the durable and dependable work of Advanced Sealing & Paving, the planning process will be that much easier the next time around.

Hand-Built House Needs a Proper Wyoming New Driveway

A Wyoming, MI man bought a new lot and built a house on it because he was both very old fashioned and a skilled and talented man. He originally parked his truck on the dirt outside his front door, but realized a garage, driveway, and walkway might be a good idea. When it rained and snowed he would track mud inside his home, and his truck started making ruts in front of his house. He went ahead and started building a garage, and once his garage was built he called Advanced Sealing & Paving to install a new driveway Wyoming craftsmen like him could appreciate.

The Advanced Sealing & Paving crew gave the man an estimate, and he was happy with the estimate, and asked us to start on the driveway. Our professional crew members arrived two days later and started laying the driveway. The customer kept a close eye on our work, and when we were done he said the driveway looked wonderful. He said he was highly impressed with the craftsmanship that each crew member possessed. He now has a driveway that looks great with his newly built garage, and he doesn’t have to worry about getting ruts in his yard, or tracking mud into his home. The customer said he was thankful that he found someone to install a new driveway Wyoming homeowners could rely upon. Advanced Sealing & Paving was able to complete the driveway for the customer ahead of schedule, and provide him with an affordable price.

Extreme Sports Requires Robinson Driveway Repair

Advanced Sealing and Paving received a call from a mother in Robinson Township. The woman wanted to have us out to fix her driveway, because she had purchased her twelve-year-old son a longboard for his birthday, but she wanted her son to practice on the driveway for a while, so he would get better on the longboard, before he went blasting around on the streets. The woman’s driveway was fairly long, and the driveway sloped, which would act like a bunny hill for longboarding. Her only concern with the driveway was it was not as smooth as she would like it to be for longboarding, so she called Advanced Sealing and Paving, because she had heard that we can do the driveway repair Robinson residents can trust and depend on.

Advanced Sealing and Paving asphalt specialists went out to the Robinson home and provided the woman with a no-obligation inspection of the driveway, then came up with a few options for the driveway repair. She agreed to the repairs, and our team returned to her home the next day to start working. Within two days, the driveway was smooth as silk, and her son could ease into riding the blacktop wave, because of the repairs that we had provided for her driveway. Advanced Sealing and Paving is the driveway repair specialist that provides our customers with superior services that they deserve. We have an A+ rating with the BBB because of the quality craftsmanship we provide.

Building Comminity through Cutlerville Driveway Paving

We received a call from a Cutlerville hobbyist. The man explained that his current driveway was made of gravel, which was a problem because he was starting to raise egg hens. They were laying so many eggs that he wanted to start delivering the eggs to his neighbors. The only problem with delivering the eggs was his gravel driveway. The driveway was so bumpy that the man feared that the eggs would crack and break in his car, and not only did he not want the mess, but he didn’t want the eggs to go to waste when his neighbors loved his home raised eggs. The hobbyists contacted Advanced Sealing and Paving, because they knew this company provided the driveway paving Cutlerville could rely on for smooth rides and solid construction.

Advanced Sealing and Paving looked over the bumpy gravel driveway, and let the man know that we could pave the driveway and make it smooth for him. We are the paving experts. The asphalt team showed up and started prepping the driveway, then began the paving process until completion. Advanced Sealing and Paving took care of the driveway, and now he can pull out with ease. Now he has absolutely no fear of his eggs breaking and cracking. His neighbors are also glad that he got his driveway paved, because all of his neighbors love receiving the fresh eggs that their enthusiastic neighbor delivers to them.

Tech Store Uses Best Asphalt Contractor in Walker

A video game store clerk was tasked with finding a good asphalt contractor to bring to the manager, so that he could get promoted to assistant manager. The clerk was amped by the potential opportunity, and did hours of research. He even went as far as interviewing local business owners and residents. The clerk was determined to get his promotion. The consensus was clear, so the employee called Advanced Sealing and Paving and described the job. The fairest asphalt contractor Walker is serviced by was able to deliver a reliable estimate, which pleased the manager enough to give his hardworking employee the promotion.

Advanced Sealing and Paving was recommended by all the business owners and residents. They all said that Advanced Sealing and Paving provided a variety of solutions for asphalt problems, then came up with a budget that worked for the project. The clerk even looked over some of the work that Advanced Sealing and Paving had performed, and had to agree that all the asphalt surfaces looked outstanding, which is why he insisted to his boss that Advanced Sealing and Paving was the asphalt contractor Walker businesses and residents were all using for their asphalt projects.

The clerk received his promotion, and is now the assistant manager. He is pleased that his hard work, determination, and lengthy investigation work on finding the most qualified asphalt contractor in Walker paid off. Now his next goal is to become the manager of the video game store when a new branch opens.

Family Shows off Truck with New Blacktop Driveway in East Grand Rapids!

Advanced Sealing and Paving was contacted by a working class family in East Grand Rapids. The family wanted to be just a little showy with their car, and wanted their home to show off a blacktop driveway East Grand Rapids would consider handsome and well-made. They had just purchased a brand new Ford Ranger and didn’t want any damage to occur to the new car from pulling into their old, defective driveway. The family asked Advanced Sealing and Paving to come to their home, inspect and evaluate their driveway, then give them an estimated price on having a blacktop driveway installed.

The Advanced Sealing and Paving professionals arrived at the home, and the couple was anxiously waiting. The Advanced Sealing and Paving professionals looked over the current asphalt, then determined that it would be a good candidate for a blacktop driveway, then gave the couple the estimate. The couple was thrilled with the price, and hired our company to install the blacktop driveway as soon as possible. We set up the installation date, and the crew arrived on time to start the installation. The crew had the blacktop driveway laid and installed by late afternoon, then went over a few maintenance tips with the family.

The family contacted Advanced Sealing and Paving last week to let us know that that our company was a joy to work with. They said our crew members were skilled and professional, and really went that extra mile to protect landscaping at their home. The family said they are referring us to all of their close family and friends. Contact us today for your asphalt needs!

Asphalt Installation -What is the Process of Laying down Asphalt?

With any project, there is always a process. There are steps that must be followed in order to do a correct project. Asphalt is the same.

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It has to be laid down in a process and with important steps. The process of laying down asphalt starts with the ground or the sub-base foundation. The end step is the finished asphalt driveway.

The sub-base foundation of the area where the asphalt will be laid has to be cleared and cleaned. This area must be free of all dirt, grime, oil, debris, roots and any other substances. The foundation must be strong. If the foundation lacks strength, then gravel can be added to the foundation to stable it.

The sub-base will have stones added, then compacted to two to three inches. The stones will allow for proper drainage for the asphalt along with providing a stable base. Once the compacting has been done, then the hot asphalt will be poured, then leveled. The hot asphalt can be done in several layers, depending on the thickness that the homeowner wants and needs for the pavement. The asphalt is rolled over, then paved to create a smooth and stable surface.

The edges of the asphalt will need to be tamped. This is done by hand. The employees of the asphalt company tamp the edges to a forty-five degree angle. The angle is important as it will provide the needed drainage along with the strength for the asphalt.

This is the process and steps to laying asphalt. The process can be done fairly quickly. The cost is affordable for asphalt. Asphalt can last a homeowner twenty five years and more if the asphalt has been properly laid. The asphalt has to be maintained for the homeowner to get the maximum years of life from the asphalt.

The benefits of choosing asphalt for your driveway include a long lasting life, durable, strong, dependable, attractive and very affordable. Asphalt has been used across the country for roads, highways and parking lots. This is how durable asphalt is. It can hold up to hundreds of cars each day.

If you are a homeowner and wanting to add asphalt to your home, then contacting an asphalt contractor is the first step. The asphalt contractor will go over the options of the asphalt and determine the best asphalt to meet and exceed your needs. Asphalt is an excellent choice for driveways and walkways for a homeowner.

Holland Parking Lot Paving Makes A Dramatic Improvement!

We re-paved a parking lot in Holland, Michigan after the owner noticed all of the damage. Whether you choose to repair or repave your asphalt, it is up to you. With the weather changes and freeze-thaw cycles, there will never be a permanent solution for your asphalt because maintenance will be necessary to extend the life of the surface. Our customer’s cracks were beginning to damage the base, so it’s good that we weren’t called any later for this repair. When we arrived, the first thing the crew did was prep and clean the asphalt, then fill the cracks. We used a leaf blower to loosen any dirt and debris. Then rinsing is a good idea because the cleaner the surface, the easier it is for sealant or filler to stick. We filled all of the holes and smoothed the surface. We then applied the resurfacer on the asphalt and smoothed it over as more resurfacer was being poured ahead of it. Once it was all even, our customer took a look at the wet finish.  Our customer said he would the parking lot looked amazing and it made a dramatic improvement!

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Are There Different Types of Asphalt Available and if so What Should I Use?

Asphalt is great for driveways because it provides strength and durability. There are different types, which include perpetual asphalt and porous asphalt.

The perpetual asphalt is a process of laying the asphalt. The bottom layer is paved with a flexible material that will absorb heavy weight without causing cracks to the surface. The middle layer material is added with a special casing that provides strength and firmness. The top layer provides a rut-resistance. These three layers together create long-lasting, durable surface. This is more commonly used by homeowners and is a bit cheaper than the porous option.

The porous asphalt is designed to take on heavy rains and water. The top layer of the asphalt has tiny gaps that allows the water to seep through, instead of allowing the water to build up on the surface. The second and third layer of the porous asphalt is lined with beds of stone. This allows the water to be filtered through, then deposited on the soil. The porous asphalt costs a bit more than perpetual asphalt because it has the several layers of stones that effectively deal with rainwater build-up.

Both of these asphalt types are excellent and offer a long life and luster to a home.

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Parking Lot Crack Sealing for Loyal Holland Customer

One of our loyal customers in Holland called us to repair his parking lot cracks. We have been servicing him for years and have become his go-to paving company. After much traffic passing through his parking lot, cracks began emerging and needed to be repaired before they got any worse. It took us a few hours to completely fill the cracks because the lot was so large. With all of the rain Holland had received, it’s good that he called us before the temperature outside got any colder and the freeze cycle began. After we finished the service, we got our customer’s final approval. He said it looked great, as usual! He had been a longtime customer after finding us on Google years ago and hiring us. He has been so impressed with our team of workers and continues to use our services.

You can trust Advanced Sealing and Paving for all of your parking lot or driveway services. We thrive on providing great quality work, every time. Check out all of our Holland asphalt sealing and paving services, here!