Extreme Sports Requires Robinson Driveway Repair

Advanced Sealing and Paving received a call from a mother in Robinson Township. The woman wanted to have us out to fix her driveway, because she had purchased her twelve-year-old son a longboard for his birthday, but she wanted her son to practice on the driveway for a while, so he would get better on the longboard, before he went blasting around on the streets. The woman’s driveway was fairly long, and the driveway sloped, which would act like a bunny hill for longboarding. Her only concern with the driveway was it was not as smooth as she would like it to be for longboarding, so she called Advanced Sealing and Paving, because she had heard that we can do the driveway repair Robinson residents can trust and depend on.

Advanced Sealing and Paving asphalt specialists went out to the Robinson home and provided the woman with a no-obligation inspection of the driveway, then came up with a few options for the driveway repair. She agreed to the repairs, and our team returned to her home the next day to start working. Within two days, the driveway was smooth as silk, and her son could ease into riding the blacktop wave, because of the repairs that we had provided for her driveway. Advanced Sealing and Paving is the driveway repair specialist that provides our customers with superior services that they deserve. We have an A+ rating with the BBB because of the quality craftsmanship we provide.