Holland Asphalt Paving Brings Out The Fun for Everyone

Recently, we received a call from a Holland music promoter. He was wanting to use a public parking lot for a country music concert, and the city loved the idea because it would increase local revenue. The only concern with the city officials was that the parking lot had to have some repairs done to it before the concert could take place, because the city officials didn’t want any guests coming to the concert to have an accident on the parking lot. The city told the promoter that if he could get the parking lot repairs done at an affordable price, and done before the concert date, then they would agree to pay for the repairs. He then called the experts in service for asphalt paving Holland always uses, Advanced Sealing & Paving.

The Advanced Sealing & Paving crew inspected the parking lot, and knew we could have the repairs done before the concert. The crew started filling the cracks and potholes, then applied asphalt patching Holland officials would appreciate. Thanks to Advanced Sealing & Paving the parking lot was repaired and ready for the venue. The country music show was a bigger success than the city expected. it was a great attraction that local businesses appreciated. Of course, the music was totally off the charts and a grand time was had by everyone that attended. The city and the promoter are considering making it an annual event, and thanks to the durable and dependable work of Advanced Sealing & Paving, the planning process will be that much easier the next time around.