Coopersville Asphalt Company Promotes Good Business and Good Health

Advanced Sealing and Paving received a call from a Coopersville chiropractor. The chiropractor was going to team up with a massage clinic so they could provide full pain relief and lumbar wellness services to the town together. They didn’t realize how much business they were going to get. They got so busy they needed more than the four parking spaces they originally had, which is when they called the best asphalt company Coopersville had to offer to expand their operational infrastructure on their way to becoming a very successful and helpful business in the Coopersville, MI. area (just like Advanced Sealing and Paving).

Advanced Sealing and Paving started working on the additional asphalt parking spaces to accommodate the busy clinic. Our crew made sure that we didn’t interrupt their business while we added the spaces. The crew worked nonstop, and when we were finished the chiropractor and the staff were thrilled to see all the parking spaces that were available for their customers. They said they hope that in no time at all they would be call on the best asphalt company in Coopersville again to add more spaces (because they want their business to keep growing). Advanced Sealing and Paving is always there to meet the needs of businesses in Coopersville. We were once an up-and-coming asphalt company. Now, thirty years later we are still growing. Advanced Sealing and Paving is the Coopersville asphalt leader, because we are always there to provide affordable prices and solutions on all asphalt issues.