Douglas Driveway Repair Scores a Goal

A Douglas ice hockey lover really enjoyed playing stickball in his driveway when he wasn’t on the ice. Playing stickball in the driveway with his friends kept him trained and focused, so when he was on the ice he was always doing great. Recently Douglas was hit with a terrible storm that eroded a corner of his driveway. The hockey fan called Advanced Sealing and Paving for the excellent services for driveway repair Douglas sports fan can depend on.

One of the Advanced Sealing and Paving experts arrived at the home to see the driveway damages. He let the homeowner know that we would be able to do driveway repairs, and get the driveway back in great shape quickly, which pleased the homeowner. The Advanced Sealing and Paving crew returned the following day and started the repairs, and by the late afternoon the driveway was completed. The customer was elated when he saw how quickly and effectively the work had been applied. He said he was thrilled that Advanced Sealing and Paving could come out and get it done fast for him because he had already set up a game of stickball for the weekend. He continued to tell us that he doesn’t have to reschedule the game, and everyone who had heard the news was looking forward to playing a good game of stickball on a smooth surface thanks to Advanced Sealing and Paving. For all driveway repair Douglas homeowners can trust, Advanced Sealing and Paving is the asphalt specialist.