Rental Shop Calls in Advanced Sealing and Paving for Parking Lot Maintenance in East Grand Rapids

An equipment rental store in East Grand Rapids called Advanced Sealing and Paving to perform our top notch East Grand Rapids parking lot maintenance services. The store had some heavier machinery that was becoming difficult for customers to load when they would get caught up in the parking lot, which was in a state of disrepair. We were able to give them a great price on making the lot look great and perform well for the store’s customers. They were so impressed with the quote that we gave them that the hired us on the spot to start the repairs.

The Advanced Sealing and Paving professionals arrived on the date that the customer requested. The maintenance that we were going to provide included pothole filling and patching, crack filling, then applying sealcoating, so the parking lot would look great, but more importantly to stand up to the weight of the heavy equipment that the rental store provided to their customers. We worked several days until we had the work completed. The equipment store owners couldn’t get over the transformation of the parking lot. They said they were very impressed with our work and was sure happy that they called Advanced Sealing and Paving for the best parking lot maintenance East Grand Rapids business owners could count on. The customer’s said that we really did an amazing job and their parking lot looks like a brand new one had been installed.