Holland Parking Lot Paving Makes A Dramatic Improvement!

We re-paved a parking lot in Holland, Michigan after the owner noticed all of the damage. Whether you choose to repair or repave your asphalt, it is up to you. With the weather changes and freeze-thaw cycles, there will never be a permanent solution for your asphalt because maintenance will be necessary to extend the life of the surface. Our customer’s cracks were beginning to damage the base, so it’s good that we weren’t called any later for this repair. When we arrived, the first thing the crew did was prep and clean the asphalt, then fill the cracks. We used a leaf blower to loosen any dirt and debris. Then rinsing is a good idea because the cleaner the surface, the easier it is for sealant or filler to stick. We filled all of the holes and smoothed the surface. We then applied the resurfacer on the asphalt and smoothed it over as more resurfacer was being poured ahead of it. Once it was all even, our customer took a look at the wet finish.  Our customer said he would the parking lot looked amazing and it made a dramatic improvement!

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