Driveway Sealcoat in Holland After Years Without Repair

We were called to service on of our customers in Holland, Michigan for a sealcoating. Driveways flex as cars drive on it, and especially with weather changes that cause the surface to expand and contract, the asphalt can create small cracks over time. This allows water to seep through and during the winter, the cracks can become even bigger. To fix this, a sealcoat is recommended. This fills all cracks and prolongs the life of the surface.

Our customer scheduled this service before the winter came, so the damage wouldn’t get any worse. If these cracks were left unprepared, it could damage the base of the asphalt and lead to an even more costly repair. We came to her home and began the process. We used a crack filler and squeezed it into the cracks to make it level with the rest of the driveway and wiped the excess away. We let the filler dry for a day and came back to the location to finish up. We cleared the driveway and wet it with water. Then we applied the sealant with a push broom to ensure it was all spread evenly. Depending on how deep the cracks are will depend on how many thin coats of sealant are necessary.

When we were done, our customer came to take a look. She said she couldn’t believe the transformation that took place. She said, “the workers did a phenomenal job on my driveway! Everyone was professional and I highly recommend this company. I wish I got this done sooner!”

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