Asphalt Contractor in Grand Rapids Called in for Restaurant Expansion

Recently Advanced Sealing & Paving was contacted by an owner of a barbecue restaurant in Grand Rapids. The barbecue restaurant owner wanted to expand their parking lot after a great winter season. He had increased their patio space and needed the parking lot to accommodate more seating. He called us because we had previously installed their parking lot as their exclusive Grand Rapids asphalt contractor. It was a no brainer that he was going to have us do this project for him, too.

The Advanced Sealing & Paving professionals arrived at the restaurant to meet with the customer. We wanted to see where he wanted the parking lot expanded and give him an estimate that he was comfortable with. We measured the area, then gave the customer the estimate. He asked us when we would be able to start on the parking lot. We let him know that we could start as soon as tomorrow morning, which pleased the customer. The crew arrived bright and early the next day and started the expansion. The crew worked each day until the parking lot was installed. On the last day, as we were cleaning up and packing our equipment, the customer came over to thank us for doing another excellent job for him. He said that Advanced Sealing & Paving is the best and most qualified asphalt contractor in Grand Rapids, then invited us all in for a delicious barbecue dinner to show his appreciation.