Robinson Parking Lot Maintenance Helps Prep for Ice RInk Space

A few weeks ago, Advanced Sealing and Paving was contacted by an ice rink owner in Robinson. The ice rink owner was just getting set up for the busy winter season. He called us for our excellent Robinson parking lot maintenance. He wanted to have everything set up before the ice rink was up and running and were able to trust it in our crew to get the job done on time and on budget.

The Advanced Sealing and Paving crew arrived on time as scheduled and started working on the parking lot. There were quite a few potholes in the parking lot that needed immediate attention. After we took care of those our crew focused on minor repairs in the lot. The last parking lot maintenance service that the crew was to perform was the sealcoating phase, which was to start the following morning. The crew arrived, then sealcoated the entire parking lot. We called the owner to let him know that the parking lot was now ready for the busy season. He didn’t have to worry about anyone falling or getting hurt because all the repairs were done. He said that was great, because he sees enough falls on the ice and the last thing he wanted to see was someone falling on his parking lot. He thanked the Advanced Sealing and Paving crew for doing such an amazing job. The customer said he wouldn’t ignore the necessary maintenance his lot would need next year, because Advanced Sealing and Paving provided fantastic parking lot maintenance Robinson ice skaters would appreciate.