Hiring an Asphalt Company – What Questions Should I ask an Asphalt Contractor?

Before hiring an asphalt contractor, there are questions that should be asked. This will give you the right information you need to decide if the asphalt contractor is indeed qualified to do your asphalt project.

Questions to ask:

1. Do you have proper liability insurance?  

The asphalt contractor should have liability insurance in case of any type of accidents that can occur on the worksite. All reputable asphalt contractors should supply this paperwork.

2. Do you have references?

Getting references will allow the homeowner to see if the asphalt contractor has plenty of experience in doing the asphalt project.

3. What equipment is required to do the asphalt project?

There will be different equipment that an asphalt contractor can used. The equipment that can be used is an asphalt spreader, asphalt roller, skid steer, tandem truck and possible other equipment. The homeowner should know what type of equipment is going to be on their property.

4.  Are the employees trained and have back ground checks done on them?

The employees should have back ground checks ran on them so criminals aren’t working on people’s property. Nobody wants a person who has been charged with theft or even a more severe crime on their property or near their family. The employees should all be trained to do the job that is required.

 5. How much will the asphalt project cost?

The asphalt contractor will have to give the homeowner a bid on the cost of the project. The contractor will go over why the price is what it is and the homeowner can ask additional questions at this time about the price.

6. Does the project come with a warranty?

The asphalt project when completed should come with some type of warranty. This warranty will protect the homeowner if the asphalt develops a problem.

These are helpful questions that a homeowner should ask an asphalt contractor. They will allow you to decide if this is the right asphalt contractor for the project. An honest and qualified asphalt contractor will welcome any questions that the homeowner may have. The homeowner should feel at ease to ask a contractor questions.

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