Asphalt Installation -What is the Process of Laying down Asphalt?

With any project, there is always a process. There are steps that must be followed in order to do a correct project. Asphalt is the same.

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It has to be laid down in a process and with important steps. The process of laying down asphalt starts with the ground or the sub-base foundation. The end step is the finished asphalt driveway.

The sub-base foundation of the area where the asphalt will be laid has to be cleared and cleaned. This area must be free of all dirt, grime, oil, debris, roots and any other substances. The foundation must be strong. If the foundation lacks strength, then gravel can be added to the foundation to stable it.

The sub-base will have stones added, then compacted to two to three inches. The stones will allow for proper drainage for the asphalt along with providing a stable base. Once the compacting has been done, then the hot asphalt will be poured, then leveled. The hot asphalt can be done in several layers, depending on the thickness that the homeowner wants and needs for the pavement. The asphalt is rolled over, then paved to create a smooth and stable surface.

The edges of the asphalt will need to be tamped. This is done by hand. The employees of the asphalt company tamp the edges to a forty-five degree angle. The angle is important as it will provide the needed drainage along with the strength for the asphalt.

This is the process and steps to laying asphalt. The process can be done fairly quickly. The cost is affordable for asphalt. Asphalt can last a homeowner twenty five years and more if the asphalt has been properly laid. The asphalt has to be maintained for the homeowner to get the maximum years of life from the asphalt.

The benefits of choosing asphalt for your driveway include a long lasting life, durable, strong, dependable, attractive and very affordable. Asphalt has been used across the country for roads, highways and parking lots. This is how durable asphalt is. It can hold up to hundreds of cars each day.

If you are a homeowner and wanting to add asphalt to your home, then contacting an asphalt contractor is the first step. The asphalt contractor will go over the options of the asphalt and determine the best asphalt to meet and exceed your needs. Asphalt is an excellent choice for driveways and walkways for a homeowner.