Asphalt Overlay – What is an overlay and when is it the best option?

Installing a new surface over existing asphalt is considered an overlay. It isn’t just an option that homeowners or businesses use, but cities and towns across America use it for current streets and highways. It is very popular because it provides a new and refreshed look to a current asphalt without the hefty cost of installing a whole new surface.

You have probably seen an overlay process being done, but didn’t know the actual term. Drivers always complain when they see this being done because they fear the substance will get on their car and ruin their paint. The good news is that the contractor will make sure the overlay installation is ready for driving before allowing any drivers on the roads.

When is it a good option for a homeowner or business to have an overlay done to their current asphalt? It can be performed when the current asphalt has no deterioration of the sub-base, which must be in great condition. The sub-base must not have any drainage conditions. If the current asphalt has already had an overlay on it before, then another one is neither recommended or a good option.

An asphalt contractor is the only one that can look at the current asphalt and determine if it is a good candidate for an overlay. The contractor will examine the existing asphalt. The current asphalt may need minor repairs, before this service, for the best results. The overlay will be applied without tearing out the asphalt. It is just adding a few inches of new asphalt on the current surface.

An overlay provide a safe and secure asphalt for the homeowner and business. It is done in a few steps and will involve an experienced and professional asphalt contractor. You never want to have this process done by an inexperienced contractor because if important steps are missing, then the overlay will not be successful and can end up costing the homeowner much more money.

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