Asphalt Maintenance tips – How Long Should My Asphalt Last?

Once the asphalt has been installed, then the homeowner always wants to know how long the asphalt will last. This is an important questions for the homeowner. It is a financial investment to add an asphalt driveway to the property. When a homeowner invests money into their property, they would like to know that the investment will give a good return.

The typical asphalt can last a homeowner ten to twenty years and it can last longer if the asphalt has been installed properly and maintained like it should be. When the asphalt is maintained, then it can last a homeowner up to thirty years.

What maintenance is needed to be done to add longer life to an asphalt driveway? Some of the maintenance would be filling cracks that develop in the asphalt. The cracks can allow added water into the base of the asphalt. The water will eventually ruin the base of the asphalt, which can cost a homeowner money to repair, but filling the cracks can prevent this.

Another maintenance that should be done for the asphalt is patching holes. Holes develop in the asphalt and the holes can be patched to prevent further damage to the asphalt. The asphalt also requires a seal coat. The seal coat should be applied to the asphalt every three years. The seal coat will add a moisture block to the asphalt and provide strength to the asphalt too.

When the asphalt is newly installed, then the homeowner should keep anything sharp off the asphalt. Sharp objects like tire jacks, ladders, motorcycle stands and even lawn chairs. These objects can dig ruts and holes into the asphalt and cause major damage to the surface.

A homeowner who wants to get the maximum life out of their asphalt can prevent any damage to the asphalt and maintain it. These are the two main factors that will allow the asphalt to last for many years. It isn’t hard to do, but it requires a little time and very little money to do. Asphalt is nearly maintenance free. Asphalt doesn’t require expensive maintenance to keep it looking good and lasting long. The homeowner just needs to dedicate the time to keep the asphalt in good shape. The investment that has been put forth for the asphalt will be returned in a strong surface and an attractive driveway.

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