What Kind of Maintenance Does Asphalt Require?

Preventive maintenance that is done to asphalt will keep it in great condition. It is an investment that is added to a home or business and should be maintained, so the investment keeps giving back.

Maintenance should be done immediately after the asphalt has been installed. The surroundings will be roped off, so nobody walks or drives on the surface until the contractor says it is okay.

The first year of the new asphalt is an important year. The surface is curing during this time and throughout the year it is gaining strength and durability. The homeowner should refrain from using any sharp objects like tire jacks, ladders, motorcycle stands and anything that can dig into the asphalt. Keeping oil, gas, grime and chemicals off the surface for the first year is also important. This will keep the asphalt from absorbing these items and keep the asphalt safe.

As the time goes by, the elements of Mother Nature can affect the asphalt and this is where the regular maintenance is important. The heat, rain, snow, cold and sun comes down and can cause the asphalt to dry out, crack and absorb water. Repairing any cracks will keep the surface of the asphalt safe. Repairing cracks and filling holes is inexpensive maintenance that a homeowner can do. It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to do this.

Asphalt is the same as any big purchase or renovation you do to your home, it will require maintenance. If the homeowner takes special precaution the first year, it will maximize the life of the asphalt. If you are unsure about the maintenance that needs to be done, then the asphalt contractor can schedule the services for your concrete, or inform you of additional work you can do.

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