Is your Asphalt Contractor licensed, bonded and Insured?

It is important that the asphalt contractor is licensed, bonded and insured. Not only is it important, but essential. It is so important because the asphalt contractor and his workers are working with materials that are being heated up to a temperature of over three hundred degrees. Anything can happen when you are working with dangerous asphalt and equipment. The contractor will use the training that he received when he got his license and train his employees the proper way. The license that the contractor has requires classes on handling asphalt materials and products. They go through difficult testing to obtain the license. Once the contractor has this, they are qualified to work with all materials and equipment.

The insurance is also important because it will protect the homeowner of any responsibility of injuries or accidents that occur on their property. It covers equipment that is being used, the materials, the asphalt, and the workers. A special insurance called ‘workers compensation’ is required for the company to have. It protects the company if an employee is injured on the job.

Having a bond is another added benefit for the homeowner, as it will protect for any unsatisfied work that the asphalt contractor does. If the asphalt develops a problem, the bonding will rectify any damages. It will show the homeowner that the contractor wants to provide the highest standards and service with their asphalt. The contractor is doing all they can by possessing these items.

The homeowner can request a copy of these items from the asphalt contractor. They will  usually bring a copy of these items when they are inspecting the homeowner’s property for an asphalt project.

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