Driveway Repair Hudsonville for Vehicle Safety

Advanced Sealing and Paving was contacted by a Hudsonville engineer. The engineer sought us out for the best Hudsonville driveway repair that we could offer, because his car suspension was becoming damaged after bouncing around on the uneven surface day after day. After the engineer contacted us we went out to the site and our team looked over the driveway and let the homeowner know that the driveway would be able to be patched for an easy repair.

The homeowner was pleased with the news about his driveway and scheduled the Advanced Sealing and Paving crew to start the driveway repairs on Friday. He wanted the driveway repairs started on Friday, because he would be off that day and would like to be home when we were there. The crew arrived and started patching the uneven areas in the driveway. We used our heavy duty equipment to impact the patching, so the repairs would be stable and durable. At the end of the day the crew had the driveway finished and the customer was impressed with the quick response that we provided for him. The crew was able to patch the driveway without any problems and now the customer don’t have to damage his truck when he pulls into his driveway. The customer said he was glad that he called Advanced Sealing and Paving for quality driveway repair that all homeowners in Hudsonville could trust, because we came out provided excellent services and at a price that he could afford.