Are There Different Types of Asphalt Available and if so What Should I Use?

Asphalt is great for driveways because it provides strength and durability. There are different types, which include perpetual asphalt and porous asphalt.

The perpetual asphalt is a process of laying the asphalt. The bottom layer is paved with a flexible material that will absorb heavy weight without causing cracks to the surface. The middle layer material is added with a special casing that provides strength and firmness. The top layer provides a rut-resistance. These three layers together create long-lasting, durable surface. This is more commonly used by homeowners and is a bit cheaper than the porous option.

The porous asphalt is designed to take on heavy rains and water. The top layer of the asphalt has tiny gaps that allows the water to seep through, instead of allowing the water to build up on the surface. The second and third layer of the porous asphalt is lined with beds of stone. This allows the water to be filtered through, then deposited on the soil. The porous asphalt costs a bit more than perpetual asphalt because it has the several layers of stones that effectively deal with rainwater build-up.

Both of these asphalt types are excellent and offer a long life and luster to a home.

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