What Determines the Cost of My Asphalt Project?

Can a homeowner determine the actual cost of an asphalt project? There are several options in an asphalt project that affect price. The price is determined by the needs of the homeowner, along with what it will take to complete the asphalt project.

The price is based on the type of asphalt the homeowner would like. They can choose from a thicker asphalt over a thinner one, depending on how often the surface will be used. Adding extra thickness will increase the price, but knowing that the asphalt can hold up to heavier weights is essential.

The area where the asphalt is being placed will influence the price. Is the asphalt new or is it going to need an overlay? An overlay is where added asphalt goes on top of current surface. This is a common option for homeowners. It will be cost-effective and provide a new layer of asphalt that adds life and beauty.

The area where the asphalt will be installed will influence the price. Is the home in the city or in a rural area? The farther the trucks have to travel, the higher the price of the project will be.

Of course the items that are needed to perform the project will influence the price of the project. The larger the area, the higher the price. The asphalt, fuel, oil, work performed and workforce will factor into the project price.

The asphalt contractor provides quality work for a reasonable price. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly goes with an asphalt project. The asphalt will end up needing to replaced in a few years if you choose a lower quality product, but with the proper asphalt steps will give it the possibility of lasting up to thirty years.

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