Asphalt Quality tips – How can I tell if a quality job was performed on my asphalt project?

An asphalt project done by a professional asphalt contractor should be done with the highest quality available. There are some tips that will show you if your asphalt project was done with quality craftsmanship:

  • The contractor was licensed and certified.
  • The asphalt project was done on time.
  • The contractor supplied proof of insurance.
  • The equipment was in good running condition.
  • The employees worked hard and were very professional.
  • The employees kept the area free of debris, trash and materials.
  • The asphalt project was completed on budget.
  • The surface was smooth when finished.
  • The employees cleaned up the work area when the project was done.
  • The contactor supplied a warranty and guarantee of the asphalt project.
  • The contractor has called since the project was completed to make sure the asphalt was still doing great.
  • You are happy with the finished project.

When the asphalt project is complete, the homeowner should take a final inspection of the project and the area surrounding.. When the contractor and their crew is finished, the homeowner shouldn’t notice the contractor and crew were even working on your property. The area will look better than it did before the project was even started.

An honest and professional contractor will go out of their way to make their customers happy. They will want to provide quality work and finished product for their customers, so they will return to the same contractor some day. Repeat asphalt business is one of the main resources for a contractor.

There are some asphalt workers that like to cut corners when doing an asphalt project. They will use more petroleum or oil on the asphalt so the asphalt mixture will go further. They will hire untrained employees at a cheap rate and not have the proper insurance for these employees. These type of asphalt contractors will make the homeowner pay up front, then do a terrible job and never to be heard from again.

If the contractor you hired has done everything right from the beginning of the project until the end and still continues to contact you about the asphalt, then you likely received quality work for your asphalt.

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