When Can I Drive or Park on New Asphalt?

When new asphalt is installed, it can generally take two days for the installation process to be completed. It can take one day for the area to be prepped and one day for the asphalt to be laid. Throughout this process up until the surface is completely dried, the asphalt contractor will ask the homeowner to refrain from parking or driving on the surface for at least three to four days. This will ensure that the asphalt can hold the weight of the vehicle and gain durability and strength in this time frame.

The asphalt should be protected the first few weeks. It shouldn’t have high heels on the surface, chairs, ladders, bikes or any object that has a sharp edge to it, as this will damage the top surface of the asphalt. The homeowner should not park in the same spot of the driveway for the first month either. Parking in the same spot on the asphalt can place tire depressions on the asphalt.

There aren’t many rules to new asphalt, but there are recommendations. The cost of having asphalt installed isn’t cheap and for this reason alone would be enough to follow the recommendations of the asphalt contractor. They want the asphalt to last for many years and for this to happen the first few weeks are essential for the proper care.

If the temperature turns very warm the first few weeks, the homeowner really wants to follow the recommendations for the asphalt. The heat can make the surface soft and dents, imprints, marks and holes can happen easier in hot weather.

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